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Risk disclosure

Risk disclosure

Liquid assets are always volatile and require a fundamental understanding of risk factors. As a general rule, investments of any kind – whether calculable or not – are risky and there is a close correlation between return and risk. As a result, even a pure time deposit does not offer a save option especially as there is usually a liquidity risk in the form of withdrawal limits, etc.

Anyone wishing to make a financial market related investment should be aware of the investment objective and the associated risks: is it intended to increase or merely conserve the capital assets to be invested?

 To determine a portfolio that best suits your needs, the following context should be taken into account: the greater the risk (the higher the share of shares), the higher the expected return (the greater the volatility).

Regardless of the investment objective, invesdecenty strives for the best possible risk minimization: under certain circumstances, index funds and ETFs may offer much more stable financial assets than individual securities. Significant risk factors besides volatility of interest (and  exchange) rates are the following:  counterparty risk, securities lending, economic activity and inflation (which is unfortunately often underestimated in pure account solutions), and many other general economic uncertainties. 

For more information, please refer to our contract documents as well as the swiss bankers association brochure “Special Risks in Securities Trading” 

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